Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writing again.

I felt like writing again. Not a good feeling at 4am in the morning but the rush is there although I couldn't think of anything to write.

This year did not start off well. Early "departure" of a friend to afterlife really hit me hard. Took me nearly a month to let it go. Well, gone were the days where we hang out together in a group at night tcss at our favorite mamak stall, hitting golf ball for the first time with him, doing last minute revision hours before exam at Old Town during World Cup season but end up watching every minutes of the game, pulling his legs about warnings given by his doctor that he shouldn't be drinking and... much more that we could have done but never.

His departure gave an insight of things that I actually did not realize all these while. Life is still short no matter how long we lived. Stop asking yourself what if. We take for granted that we'll have another chance. Until you missed the first one and never see the second coming.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meaning of Customers' opinion

Yo yo, been a long time since I posted something here. ;) Lets not beat around the bush about my life. I am still alive and thats it. XD

Today, I stumbled acroos a blog and what caught my attention was a food review. Particularly a new dessert shop that invited few "famous" blogger to write review on their desserts as part of advertising campaign or publicity gain whatever you call it. Actually, there is nothing wrong gaining publicity using this new media but I do not want to read what is good good good and good about something only as if there is nothing to critic on.

If you don't know what am I talking about yet, I was refering to a blogger who did a review on Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) at Giza Mall. I will comment on this dessert shop instead of the blogger to avoid any flame war.

Yes, this shop was supposedly famous in Hong Kong and somebody decided to bring this heat into Malaysia. On the day I get to know the existance of this shop from Facebook group, me and 3 friends decided to give it a try of "sek Tong Sui"(Eat dessert) instead of our regular Yum Cha. It was our mistake for not writing down the address of the shop from Facebook and went straight to Giza Mall thinking how hard can it be to locate a shop in a mall? We used 30minutes walking up and down and around looking for this shop but failed. WTH? No signage and information counter in that mall that can give us the slightest information to lead us there. Total Failure. We end up singing K at this Teo Heng KTV studio. Worth every cents there. Only RM22 per hour.

We were dissapointed but got reimbursed by the sing-k session and went home. First thing I did when I reach home is saving the address of this dessert shop and plan to visit the shop the very next day. Hah! Never die off without trying!

Day 2!
Managed to find the shop and before we got down from the car, we were complaining already because the shop's front signage is BLACK COLOR! It is new but who the heck will pay attention to something which is black at night with minimum lightings. Alright, I should not complain with the signage since I am not the boss. The interior of this shop makes me think twice before stepping in. Is this a dessert shop or dining shop? Before I get my menu, I already know this dessert shop will make a big hole in my wallet.

A cute waitress came over and took our order. We ordered Trinity Mango Delight 招牌杨枝甘露 (RM11), Lucky Purple Rice 金粟紫米露 (RM 8), Black Sesame with Tong Yuen, Mango Loh and Durian Roll. While waiting for the desserts to be served, we of course will chat but non of us dare to speak out loud because of the "high class" surrounding. The main reason to yum chaeat tong sui is to meet up with friends and blow blow water mah.. but we felt so uncomfortable to speak. =/

Now for the food part.

First, I did not expect much from my Black Sesame Tong Yuen as it is an ordinary dessert but Tong Yuen was small like guli (glass marble) and black sesame was too sweet for my sweet tooth. I know most display on menu is for illustration purposes but dont lar show a golf ball and give us guli! I will feel cheated you know.

Then my friend complained the mangoes in the Trinity Mango Delight is too sour and probably they cut the mango from bottom to top causing the mango to "sting" just like when we eat pineapple.

Mango Lo basically taste no different from the Trinity Mango Delight. Same sour and stinging.

Lucky Purple rice, the picture shown is not what was served. It was just a splat of dunno what white thingy but I used a spoon to make it nicer like a Sun. I was told that it tasted like red bean with sago? No extra comment because I didnt taste it.

Last is the Durian Roll. They actually serve this first and 2 of my friend ate it before trying their dessert. The durian taste totally diminished the sweetness of the dessert. But the skin is too thick and whats with the cream inside? More cream than durians. Having this durian roll is actually quite a new experience for me. The only special way of eating durian other than from the seed is Fried Durian at Duck King Jaya One.

As felt earlier, indeed the bill made a big hole in my pocket. About Rm50+? I dont mind paying extra for the durian roll but Black Sesame Tong Yuen RM9? I know you have to pay for the rent and cover other costs but I dont want to pay extra for the high class environment that I dont need. I will go back to KTZ for my Mango Loh and Honeydew Loh anytime although it is farther.

Of course, I would like to praise the manager and waitress there for the warm service. The manager took the initiative to ask for our opinions of the desserts and tried to pursuade us to order their other special dessert although we look so young, unimportant and cannot afford other desserts from our appearance. ;) I told them what I felt about the serving the durian last and mango too sour but my friends just like a typical Malaysian didnt speak out. But credits to the workers there for greeting us welcome and please come again which I personally take service the first criteria for F&B to excel. But we were charged a 10% service fee so I think we deserved the greets. :P

I will definitely invite my "special guest" from HK to try the durian roll as she is a great fan of durians. =)

Critics for a new/old shop will only provide them chance for improvement and not by simply telling how nice and how good it is. Although every customers have their very own opinion on something, it is worth more than what we actually paid for the foods.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What dream?

A moment ago, I received a sms from a friend wishing me Happy Birthday and may all my dreams come true. It struck me immediately. Dream?

Oh yea, I am 22 now. Officially 22. But I don't have any dream. Yes! U read it! Then I look at my parents when they're 22. They are already married with 1 kid (my brother lar DUH!) at that age. Dad with a happy family(until now and forever) and his own business. But what am I now?

Not even graduate yet at the age of 22 and still need financial support from family even though I am working. It makes me feel sad. I cannot foresee myself in 5 years time or maybe not even next year.

I can tell u that I dont have a dream to chase for because I just dont feel like chasing for anything ever since I didnt get what I worked very very hard for. Call me a quiter. But my excuse will always be the same. I am still recovering from it.

Did I tell u that I need to work full day on my birthday? Yea, cannot take leave because no one else is around to replace me. Everyone is either having their own project or not in the country.

Happy Birthday to myself. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whats the trend now?

Currently am into jogging after class and chilling with friends to talk cock sing song..

I felt like playing a guitar..anyone got one I can borrow? hehehe.

It burns alot of energy just to log in and post this shit out...

And I know it takes almost the same for u to read.

Thank You for reading thou.

I mean it.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Liese Media Launch

I was invited to Kao's latest product- Liese (pronounced as "Li-Say") launch at Zouk Kuala Lumpur few weeks back along with Wenpink and Aaron.


Liese, a revolutionary brand epitomizing the very latest in Tokyo Hair Cosmetics by KAO is not new in the international market anymore as the No.1 Styling Brand in Japan. It is also available in top famous cities such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and now introduced in Malaysia for the very first time!

Before the event begins, Wenpink already started camwhoring *sigh..typical blogger* hehehe…

The event started with models showing off their best hair after the official launch but couldn’t snap a nice picture of them during the catwalk of my standing place. Cannot blame me also la.. the models didn’t stop long enough for my lousy camera to take picture.

Fail #1 =( Fail #2 =/

Fail AGAIN? #$%^%$#@#$%^& Forget it!

After the catwalk, members of Medias are given the chance to try out the newly launched product. Not only that, KAO are generous enough to actually gives us the real product to bring home. NOT SAMPLES SIZE PRODUCT but the same actual size that u will get in the market!

Liese Juicy Shower.

This is a mixed berry hair-hydrating mist in a delightfully funky spritz bottle and formulated to make your hair smoother and softer over time. Very strong berry aroma that last very very very long. How I know? Wenpink spammed the sample on my hair. =.="

Liese's products are priced from RM30 to RM45 which is super duper cheap lor. If u still dont know what to give your mom for this Mother's day.. hmm.. u can think about Liese. Liese is available at outlets like Guardian, Sasa, Jusco and Watsons. (psst.. am giving my mom a set for this Mother's day :P )

Like most product launch, refreshment is a MUST after putting in so much energy! :D

Look at this girl on diet KONON!.. eating non-stop and still can smile when got caught red handed!

Makan lagi~
After few years not attending product launching and events due to my studies and working schedule, I felt so good to get invites to this exclusive event. Thank You KAO~ =P

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The I dunno what to blog post.


Updates: The previous version of the post is just a smiley face but I am not that vain lar. Hahaha..

My one week semester break is going to end soon and yet I never got a day break at all. The whole week is allocated for assignments, works and some computer fixing. Gah... I need a holiday. I mean an escapade with no meetings, no nagging, no appointments and most importantly no phone calls that wakes me up before the alarm.

I really enjoyed my last holiday where I went to Hong Kong alone. And looking back at the sweet moments, I cannot believe that the last holiday that I enjoyed sooooo much was 4 months ago. =( I believe I am going nowhere for enjoyment until end of this year. I just bought a car and added myself a $700 liability per month starting June. How to save money lar?

Money money, where are chuuuu???

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unconditional Doesnt Mean No Condition.

I am very tired of problems I need to solve for u but I did never stop doing it.

I am tired with your words where I don't know when you are telling the truth to me but I always listen to it.

I am tired with you coming to me and act like nothing happened but I keep wishing you will still come to me.

I am tired with u telling me about all your jokes but I never stop laughing at it.

I am tired with the whole world but never you.

I only wish for one thing in return for all the tireness.

One Chance will do.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Counting down to Chinese New Year 2010!

In 4 days time, we will be leaping into the year of Roarsssss Tiger. I did some preparation on welcoming this day by cleaning my messy room which my mom have been nagging on since last year's CNY. >.<

I dunno how come each time after my maid clean my room, it will become messy again after a week at most. Not to miss out is some of my things will go missing. No! I am not saying my maid took them because what goes missing is some paper works and minor stuff. I never bother to ask her to find it back for me else she wont help me clean my room anymore. =/ Well, things will eventually walk out itself when I dont need them right? :P

So, here is a sneak peek of my room with the mess. Lots of spoiled CPU and messy table.
After 3 freaking hours of cleaning, wipping, mopping, vacuuming and washing...

Lets see how long can this tidy scene can last. :P

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hong Kong 2009

Ok, the long delayed post on my Hong Kong trip which happened on 20th December 2009. For the first time, I travelled alone to another country. =/ I still remember clearly how late I was on the day itself to catch my flight. The flight was scheduled to take off at 4.30pm and for AirAsia, we need to check in 2 hours before the flight but I am still at home packing my stuff at 2pm.

I reach LCCT around 3.20pm and I checked in using the computer device there because I havent buy my return tickets. If I use the counter instead, they need us to show them our return tickets before they let us check in.

Ok. The plane was on time for boarding and for I feel quite comfortable with AirAsia's seats. Not too say very comfy but still boleh lar. Not as bad as what I heard from my cousins and relatives. I was fortunate to get the window seat along with a guy and lady. About 1hour after the plane took off, the guy who took the middle seat went to the washroom (I assume) and didnt return until the plane was about to land. O.o I don't know where he went but he does gave me a moment of panic. Must have watched too much plane hijacking movies. >.<

I spend most of my time on plane looking at the cute stewardess listening musics on iPhone and napping. Fast forward 3 hours................

The plane landed and I was asked to fill in the health declaration form as precaution of H1N1. I being a smart alec ticked the cough and sorethroat box. I blame it on the medicines I took before boarding the plane. =( So when the officer collects my form, red alarm triggered. KNS! He ask me to step aside to another section and quickly inform his colleague to pick me up. I was ordered to wear their facemask too. =.=

Then another officer came and lead me to somewhere very farrrrrrrrr and scary. That place is chilly and all faces(not alot actually..only about 4-5 officers there) look the same because everyone is wearing facemask. =/ They took my temperature and ask me some questions then gave me a stack of brochures on symptoms of H1N1. They even gave me addresses on Hospitals that aid H1N1. *double =/*

And those hoohaaaa took away my shopping time in the airport. I ends up buying nothing because dad's friends is outside waiting for me and I paiseh if they need to wait for me. After I meet up with dad's friends, we went to have our dinner at some unknown but crowded restaurant. No pictures of the foods because I am too hungry. =P

After dinner, I followed one of my dad's friend home which I will be staying during this trip. Nothing much happened later except for the crying sound of dad's friend's baby every hour.

Friday, January 29, 2010

There is reasons for everything.

While one side of me keep telling me: "May be you are right. I should start to forget the past and look into future" , the other goes opposite by saying: "You will get hurted again"

Its not that I am scared but I am a person with very very low self-esteem and confidence. I showed everyone my happiest face in the morning but when the night comes where silence take over the world, there I am facing myself. I chose not to speak to close friends because I don't want them to help me think about my problems. They have their own to worry for.

I gave myself one year to pass down everything on hand and finish off what I have planned. And then..... and then I will say good bye for the time being. I do not know where will I be going but definitely a better place.