Saturday, April 24, 2010

The I dunno what to blog post.


Updates: The previous version of the post is just a smiley face but I am not that vain lar. Hahaha..

My one week semester break is going to end soon and yet I never got a day break at all. The whole week is allocated for assignments, works and some computer fixing. Gah... I need a holiday. I mean an escapade with no meetings, no nagging, no appointments and most importantly no phone calls that wakes me up before the alarm.

I really enjoyed my last holiday where I went to Hong Kong alone. And looking back at the sweet moments, I cannot believe that the last holiday that I enjoyed sooooo much was 4 months ago. =( I believe I am going nowhere for enjoyment until end of this year. I just bought a car and added myself a $700 liability per month starting June. How to save money lar?

Money money, where are chuuuu???