Friday, July 25, 2008


Busy! Holiday-ing! Thanx for visiting! Might update soon. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Well, my exam's over. What to do now eh? My birthday is one day after my last paper, which is 3rd of July. What to give myself this year? I'm going to watch my favourite actor- WILL SMITH new movie- HANCOCK!

I know Nuffnang is giving out free tickets to watch this movie next Monday. But I dont want to wait so long leh. Instead, I'm going to redeem a free ticket from GSC because this month is my birthday month. Hehe.. see.. both free but I get to watch it earlier minus the freebies we might get from Nuffnang.

The most important thing is.. I wonder what will HANCOCK in BM will be. You know la, sometimes the subtitle will sound very wrong. Like Spiderman = Lelaki Labah-Labah etc.. Probably Hancock = something Ayam or.. "Jeng Jeng Jeng"?? LOL :P

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chef N!ck

I cooked dinner!! Haha.. dont be suprised.. I love to cook. I always see how my mom cook, what she put in and stuff. And then suddenly, I feel like cooking today. Today's dinner is dark soy sauce pork with onions and salted fish, hot and spicy tom yam stingray and one vege. Lol.. I don't know whats the vege name.

Where is the rice?

The Pork is quite dark because I put too much dark soysauce. XD But its still tasty ok! No leftover that day. Call me Chef N!ck now!! Hahaha