Friday, November 30, 2007

And the review continues...

Nah..not going to post the second part of the review coz its super lame. Today is the last day to submit the review.. tell me i did a good job! I was putting high hopes winning the prize few weeks back but now.. i dont even care if i won it. Wtf?

Yea, its so wtf i know.. =(

Note: added a christmas song. Cmon! Must have Xmas mood rite.. XD

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Somethin should be done!

Nothing much was done last week other than going to Live & Loud KL 07- Chinese All Stars.

Pictures will be posted soon. :P

Stupid me..this post is so short! XD

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Siapa PhillipYong?

So headache thinking how to write a review for PhillipYong to get his Rm100 bucks.. :(

Here are the rules;

1. Must be more than 50 words. ( Done!)
2. Must have at least one link to my blog or this blog post. (Done!)
3. The best review will win the RM100. (Hopefully its mine!)
4. Contest until 30th November 2007, 11.59pm (Done!)
5. Sumbit you review URL in my comment page or my inbox @ (Done!)
6. Only residents residing in Malaysia will be entitled to the prize. (Truly Malaysian living in Msia!)

But how to do a review? This is my 1st time woh!!

Cannot use Advertising way because Kate use already.

Cannot use Jess's Hard Sale way!

Btw, this is phillipyong ;)

Neither Darren's free and easy review..

So as a Marketing Student, I flipped thru my Rm 116 super cool looking marketing book hoping to find a solution for it.

But nothing is useful. Eww..lousy book?

Then out of nowhere, idea came to me while I'm watching TV! What? I'll get my "friends" to give me their opinion on philip's blog.

So guess who i asked? XD

Did this during my Accounting test!

Stay tune to know the answer!! lame! :P

No Bitch here..only Puppies..

This is BB, a shih tzu belongs to my mom's mahjong kaki. I keep playing with him because usually mom doesnt allows any pets in the house! :(

BB sleeping on the chair


What are u doing?

sleepy again..

BB showing me a sleepy dulan face!

Then the next morning(Sunday), I went to Ikano Pet Centre. WTF! So many cute dogs there.. *Please get one for me mom* :(

Baby shih tzu biting his blanket. Rm1288

Forgot what breed is this. Damm cute!.. Rm3888

Took this picture on the way back after my exam yesterday. Bright future infront of me. XD

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Exam Week

Its exam week dude.. dont expect me to update k! :)

Here's a few pictures of Eye on Malaysia which i visited somewhere during August. Pretty romantic if u bring ur gal along. ;) But u need to share one gondola with strangers! cannot naughty naughty! :P Price? Rm15 for 5-6 round i think..

KLCC + KL Tower + Mata Msia. XD

Water laser show

Will change color summore! dont play play wei!

Bird-eye view

Shot of the day!
Thats all folks.. XD

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cultural Differences

Research in understanding and contrasting,

Chinese/Asian culture vs Western

interesting research indeed!

These icons were designed by Liu Young who was born in China and educated in Germany .

Blue --> Westerner
Red --> Asian/Chinese


Way of Life




Queue when Waiting

Sundays on the Road


In the restaurant
Handling of Problems
Three meals a day
Elderly in day to day life
Moods and Weather

The Boss
What's Trendy

The child
Kudos to us Asians! XP

Friday, November 2, 2007

All the best!

Khuan Loke Lion Dance Association will be competing against 40 best lion dance teams from all over Malaysia in the 13th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship @ Genting Highland from 2nd-4th November 2007.

I wanted to upload pictures of them practicing everyday since 1 month before the competition but i lost my memory card. Instead, I'm putting up last year's pictures where they grabbed the 2nd and 4th place in the competition.

I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday to support them.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

A promise is a promise

As promised, I will post pictures up but due to some unexpected reason, I did not but I will. I shall post those pictures up tomorow(Friday) because after tomorow, those pictures doesnt mean a thing anymore.