Friday, April 24, 2009

My Hobby

I am so happy today. My dad just got back from Hong Kong and he brought back something for me! Muahahaha... It is something from my best friend, Maggie. Taadaaaa~

Yes.. Coca-Cola merchandise. I am a coke collector since 2007. I like the Pen the most because the word Coca-Cola is CARVED on it. And also the thick aluminium 250ml bottle Love it.. Currently I have 3 of those and I couldn't find any in Malaysia. =( These bottles are so different from the rest of my collections. I so hope to get more when I get to travel around next time!

Let me show u some of my collections. Below is all 5 cans of Official Beijing Olympic Coca-Cola cans. The "bus" like box is a handmade gift by my friend from China. It was a suprise gift as he only gave it to me before he leave Malaysia last year.

Not much left on my shelf because I only collect cans with coke inside. I dont like empty one and they will explode after sometime because of chemical reaction + pressure.

I am so tempted to take picture of each cans and post it up here with their story. >.<

And this is my best friend Maggie. Pretty hor? =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remember me?

Wow.. been a month since I last updated. Actually I did wrote something but did not post it up. Reason? Too private already. Haha..

And I am thinking of posting a picture a day on this blog like those Project 365... I think it will be fun but the only thing is, I dont think I will do it everyday.. gah.. how? I think I will try my best to do it!

Till then... =)