Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am Tired but did nothing.

I am doing nothing but Busy.

I am Bored but lazy to do anything.

I feel like picking up a fight now. (Dont need to offer me because I've got a challenge. My bolster)

I want to start my semester now and wait for holiday. Not like now.. on holiday and wait for a new semester to start.

I want to get my pay check now. So unfair, everyone got theirs except for me.

I need cold drinks now. Its freaking hot outside. Can die!

I should stop sleeping until noon and stop snoozing the alarm.

I should start on my P&C Proposal as soon as possible.

So cold now.. ish.. hot cold hot cold..zz

I shall stop here.

Happy Chinese New Year. Get more ang paos. Sayonara.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Went to cycle at Taman Pertanian again. This time in a big group. Well.. lazy to type. Let the pictures do the talking.

Half of the group.. the other half MIA.

Mini Zoo

A rooster, rabbit and guinea pigs stay in a same barn.


4 Season House..Winter in Msia...

Super Fugly Snowman

Father & Son visiting 4Season House.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happie Niew Yer

31 December 2008 is definitely a day to remember for me. I did not celebrate it with friends or family this year. I went to work at SohoKL countdown party. Although the work was quite hectic before the party begins, it pays off when u see so many people enjoying themself because of what u did.

I got to know quite a number of new friends there. Esther Chua who is so so so so friendly and nice. Not to miss out is Xiao Qi. I indirectly spend the last 6 hours of my 2008 with her. * Sorry, no picture of them* Hope to meet them again. =(

The thing is, I feel so strange this morning when I wk up. I want my 2009 to be different. I am sick of being told what to do. I am going to lead my own life. So, I gave myself a timeline of 6months to finish up what I should few years ago.

P/S: No.. I am NOT DYING!! Just something I need to finish up before I transfer to Adelaide (if possible) =/

Kudos whyN!ck!!