Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shouldn't end like this.

2 years, 2 most respectable person in my life left me. I don't know where they went to. I only know I will never meet them again.

Rest in Peace.

Life is short.

Enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nothing is true!

A little note for my friends;

Dear friends (applicable to those who know me very well in person

What you have read here about me is not true! :D

Even it is, dont ask me about anything u read here. Just keep it to
yourself! I will not talk about anything on this blog with you all. Just read it
if u like ok? :) I know u all care about me but I'm fine and will be.

Yours Trully,

Nick :)

Blogging is not my life! I only update when I feel like doing so. It wasn't like this last time because the initial intention of setting up this blog was furfilled. Today, whynick serves as daily rant only. Hehehe..

Its time for me to meet those I didn't meet for a long time already. I am going to keep my holidays free next week! Always say will go meet my aunt at Seremban but..... =/

Ok! back to my Law Assignment now. Ciaoz! Gambateh!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leaving is painful

I hate sending off people at the airport. That is why I seldom send my friends off whenever they go abroad to pursue their studies. The reason behind this is because I have a soft heart. I may cry out infront of them.

Two days ago, I was forced to follow my mom to the airport to send a worker off back to his country- Bangladesh. He worked for my parents for 14 years. He once told me that he will work for my parents until the day he die and jokingly ask us to find any wooden box, put him inside and send his body back to his hometown. His temper is terrible. Any little things that doesn't go according to him, he will get mad and start to throw his temper around. That is why most of the workers there doesn't like him.

On the day I sent him to the airport, my mom wanted to check his luggage incase he took anything belongs to the company. 14 years working for her but she never trusted him. I was going to ask her not to do so as it not good afterall. My dad agreed not to check too. So in the end, she didnt.

On the way to the airport, he was talking non-stop about his country, his family, his hometown to my mom and sister. No words came out from my mouth. I couldn't say a word to him. The feelings is like the day my grandma died and I dont dare to touch her for the last time. My eyes began to get waterish. I secretly wipe it off.

I notice my mom was driving very slowly at that time but the journey to the airport seems to be shorter than normal. I helped him to unload his luggage to the trolley and walk into the airport with him. His flight suppose to be 2.30am but was delayed for 3 hours. I was reluctant to leave and say good bye. My sister gave him Rm50 to buy himself a meal before we left. I shoke his hand for the last time and say good bye to him. He said: Terima Kasih! and gave me a can of RedBull drink.

Without looking back, I quickly walk back to the car and left... another person who grew up with me left me again. A person who probably I will not meet anymore for the rest of my life.

Friday, August 8, 2008

You say ‘tomahto’ and I say ‘tomayto’

I stumble across an interesting article on the star online which i decided to share with you all today :)

It is about the different pronunciation of English words which many people is unclear of. It is a nice article. Enjoys~

You say ‘tomahto’ and I say ‘tomayto’


ENGLISH is used in many countries — originally Britain, then the countries that started off as colonies, dominions, and protectorates of Britain. It is now used, to varying extents and to various degrees of proficiency, in the rest of the world.

The native English-speaking countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States) and those in which English is used to a large extent (India, Malaysia, Fiji, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, etc.) each have their brand of English. Even then, these different Englishes are generally intelligible to the users of English at large.

But are they?

Let us look at British English (BrE) and American English (AmE, specifically North American English), the two most widely used kinds of English. The English spoken in other countries generally follows BrE or AmE — but with its own peculiarities. In Malaysia, the English we use is of the British variety.

BrE and AmE differ in many areas which I can but try to classify and summarise, with limited examples, within the constraints of this column.

Same words, different pronunciations

The word herb is pronounced HERB in BrE but ERB in AmE.

Other examples: chance (CHAHNS/CHENS – the same difference in vowel sound also in class, command, dance, grass, past); fertile (FERTYL/FERTL); consortium(KONSORTIEM/KONSORSHIUM); route (ROOT/ROWT), schedule (SHEDIUL/SKEDIUL); and so on.

Same words, difference in spelling

Nowadays, the ligatures “æ” and “?” are rarely encountered. BrE tends to separate out the conjoined vowels in print while AmE reduces them to the single letter ‘e’.
Examples: anaemia/anemia, diarrhoea/diarrhea, encyclopaedia/encyclopedia, foetus/fetus, oedema/edema.

To read more on the article, please click here -> The Star(Source)