Friday, June 19, 2009

Pic 5: Thats Karma!

Staying at the library until the library closes at 10pm for 3days produced nothing at all. I studied but those formulas and theories still look like a stranger to me. I couldnt help it and on the 4th day.. sitting alone in the library... I cried.

If I ever pass all my subjects this semester... I promise I will never ever do this kind of stupid mistake again. Skipping all the lectures is Stupid. Retaking the subject is wasting your own time and parent's money.. wake up okay!

Remember your dreams!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PIC 4: The Situation

Ever been in a situation where your boss ask you to do something which u think is not right? Not right as in what u think is not suitable. For example, u quoted 2 same thing from a company, both are same price but A is low quality. Of coz you will choose B rite?

But your boss want you to choose A because the buyer wants A. Alright, this example is stupid. I just cant reveal the real scenario here.

Anyway, 17days more to be legal to do anything! Not expecting anything special on that day. =/ I would wanna try to live that day in the simpliest way. =) The bad news is.. exam falls in between that 17days. SUCKS!

Here is the picture for the post. I just LOVE the sunset~

P/S: I dunno why I cant click to enlarge the picture. =(

Monday, June 15, 2009


It was so long ago since I posted something here. Nah..there you go.. something old but romantic. My favourite season. WINTER!

Currently preparing for Finals. Ta~