Saturday, July 3, 2010

What dream?

A moment ago, I received a sms from a friend wishing me Happy Birthday and may all my dreams come true. It struck me immediately. Dream?

Oh yea, I am 22 now. Officially 22. But I don't have any dream. Yes! U read it! Then I look at my parents when they're 22. They are already married with 1 kid (my brother lar DUH!) at that age. Dad with a happy family(until now and forever) and his own business. But what am I now?

Not even graduate yet at the age of 22 and still need financial support from family even though I am working. It makes me feel sad. I cannot foresee myself in 5 years time or maybe not even next year.

I can tell u that I dont have a dream to chase for because I just dont feel like chasing for anything ever since I didnt get what I worked very very hard for. Call me a quiter. But my excuse will always be the same. I am still recovering from it.

Did I tell u that I need to work full day on my birthday? Yea, cannot take leave because no one else is around to replace me. Everyone is either having their own project or not in the country.

Happy Birthday to myself. :)