Friday, September 26, 2008

Bucket List?

Apparently some too free guy over at Kiwiland got nothing better to do so he decided to create a bucket list. And I am too free to entertain him because I've got nothing to write. Hehehe...

Ok, I heard about the movie The Bucket List sometime ago and sounds good to me. But dunno how come I didnt went to look for the movie. Must ask somebody to download it for me. :)
The sypnosis is as below which I copied from somewhere. XD

It is a comedy/drama about two old man who are dying from cancer. It starts off with them lying next to each other well in separate beds in the hospital, they slowly get to know each other... Jack was a extremely wealthy person and Morgan was a very knowledgable person, one day they came up with a "bucket list" its a list of things to do before they die... Morgan wasn't very convinced about succeeding the list but Jack persuaded him to do so, from there onwards it was all happy and fun. Then the bitter part comes where they two fought and separated, thus the list not able to finish. Then Morgan was struck with a serious illness causing him to be in a critical condition, at that time Jack showed up... they had a 'deep' chat and decided to do things they never thought of doing and having the list 99% finish they both die and having Jack's assistant to finish the one last one.

So, done with the sypnosis but its not done yet. I need to write my own bucket list but limited to 5 only. I need time to think of what to put into "my bucket list"

Ok la.. the first thing on my list is to completely own my dream car. What car?? Either a Mercedes(latest one lar of coz) or Nissan Fairlady ( must be orange color).

Here's picture of my dream car.


and my fairlady~ Oops..not this one..hehehe..

Beautiful ain't she? The CAR!!

No.2 on my list.. *drum rolls*

Cannot think of any now.. will update it soon. :P Need more than a bucket of beer time. XD haha...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mooncake Festival

This year's Mooncake Festival is totally different from what I usually had. Still remember when I was a small kid, I used to ask my mom to fetch my to grandma's house to play with lantern with my cousins and nieces. To be frank, I didnt go there to play with lanterns. We usually gather old pots and bricks to make a mini kitchen and boil leaves for fun. YES! FUN! No motive, just plainly make fire with candles, boil green leaves and when the "aroma" gets to the adults nearby enjoying their mooncake and chinese tea, they will put out the fire and pour away our very own "fresh green tea"

This year, we did not visit my grandma. Infact, we will never get to see her again. She passed away 3 weeks ago. But this year, my dad's sister came to our house and we celebrate the festival by having a reunion dinner. Not very union because not everyone was at home. =/

Ok, cut the craps about dinner and my family. What I wanted to tell actually is mooncakes. I only like Lotus Mooncake with Yolk and Snow Skin mooncake. But what I noticed is that this year's marketers did not put in much efforts on advertising mooncakes. The only advertisement on TV about mooncake is Baker's Cottage mooncake.

I like Tai Thong's box. Its colorful and flowerish. Totally different from their old liver red box 2 years ago. I never give a damm on how tasty the mooncake is. Infact, I cant really differentiate mooncakes of 2 different company.

This is Tai Thong's

Well, I got nothing to talk about for the rest. They are so plain, dull and old. =/

"Fan Cai Heong"- Never heard of it before..

"Mak Hor Xi"- Box quite nice also.

This is the shittiest of all. First, it is produced by some vegetarian company. Then there is a non-halal sticker on it. WTF?? I didnt even open it whatsmore giving it a try.

Hah! This one although the packaging looks like the previous one, but I tell you hor, inside is orgasm. This one is specially delivered from Hong Kong. "Tan Heong" is the most famous brand in Hong Kong producing mooncakes and chinese biscuits like wife biscuits(Lou Poh Peng). Inside is my all time favourite Lotus Double Yolk! Their yolk is different from the Malaysia's Mooncake. Our yolk is orange in color but their's is yellow. Which one I prefer? Of coz the yellow one ler. *will update picture of the mooncake soon when I eat another one..hehe*

Actually this post serve no purpose..hehe.. nothing better to do then take pictures of mooncake box and crap only..haha.. XD

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dim Sum Breakie

Had Dim Sum for breakfast this morning. Hehe.. just got my weekly allowance. But gosh.. eating Dim Sum in city is a sin I tell you. Look at the picture below.
10 plates of dimsums, 3 fried stuff and one Chee Cheong Fun. Guess how much?? Rm 30? WRONG! RM 50? WRONG AGAIN!! Its RM 70. WTFFFFFFF... so bloody expensive. About RM35 per person. Pay a little bit more can eat dimsum buffet already!! KNS

Next time, either I eat with my parents or I will find some kampung kampung place to eat dimsums. /END

How Fragile is Myvi??

Last 2 months was tragedy. While on the way from Airport, I had a slight contact with a car infront of me when waiting for my turn at the Bukit Jelutong toll. It was a kenari infront of me and I thought I pulled the gear back to Neutral but eventually I did not. It was still at D. *boom* First thing came to my mind was, FUCK! I'm screwed this time!

The driver came out of his car. I told him to pass the toll first. Before the story continues, lets have a look at his car.

Is there any dented part on his car?? Now look at mine!

Question is... Do I have to pay him?? Alright, I admit it was my fault but he demand for Rm150! KNS CILAKA! I called my mom and the most she will pay is Rm100 and so did them took the Rm100 and flew kite.

Me? Sadly drive my dented Myvi to Genting right after that to attend The 8th Genting World Lion Dance Championship.

My area's shops asked for Rm 200 above to fix the car. So I decided not to bother to fix it. =/ Not until when my bro told me he will pay the bill for me! Hooray~ But I was asked to go to his friend's shop. It was indirectly his' fault because I went to KLIA to fetch his friend which is also my friend. XD

Car in "surgery"

After 2 hours, my baby is back to normal again! Hehe.. how much?? ONLY RM70!!! That Cilaka Kenari guy took Rm100 from me when his car suffers no damages at ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Story doesn't end here guys. Wait for the next post!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Malaysia Kini-on Stage

Malaysia Kini !

Date: 16 – 20 September, 2008
Time: 8.30 pm
Venue: The Actors Studio @BSC
Tickets: RM57 & RM47, RM42 and RM32(Seniors Citizen and Student)

What is Malaysia (masa) Kini all about?

Malaysia Kini is a political and social satirical comedy and it continues from where Why Be finished. In Why Be the focus was on the life and times and follies of one particularly in-famous statesman.

In Malaysia Kini, the scene is set to continue from March the 8 (election day) but this time the focus will be on the follies, deeds and words from the entire political and non political community.
Now who want to tag along for the Thursday show? :)

Reply ASAP please.

Thank You.
Event Cancelled! =/

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Who still remember doraemon?? Neh...the big blue robot cat whos afraid of mouse? Hahaha.. Nevermind if you don't know anything about the robot cat. But you must know this! Hah!!! Ding Dang and Tora!!

If you don't, sad for you! Inside Ding Dang and Tora is a packet of chocolates and mini toys. It is cheaper than buying a pack of nasi lemak!Rm2 for both? I saw Ding Dang and Tora at a minimarket when my friend wanted to show me some cheap beers selling in that shop. They even sell shot glass too. Only Rm2 each!

I couldn't wait to unpack it and see whats my prize inside so I smuggled it into the library. Hehehe.. Most of my friends was happy to see Ding Dang and Tora again. *winks*

Inside the box- some soft chocolate biscuits.

My "prize"- a sports car and few animal puzzle. .

My day ended with so much memories with Ding Dang. I still remember when I was around 4-5 years old, my aunt tried to feed me but I refuse to eat. I told her that I will only eat if she buys me Ding Dang and Tora. Hahaha...and she did! Love her so much! <3

When Creativity Strikes at a Wrong Time

Was attending lecture but it was so boring that I nearly dozed off to mamamia-land. Even the window seats at my lecture hall couldn't keep me awake. The lecturer as usual will stare at me for a while when she speaks. Gah! all my fault for sitting at the front row.

Not to mention that she can remember almost all 150+ students name in the lecture hall. I wouldn't want her to mention my name across with the mic shes holding. Then, suddenly my friend took out a marker pen and creativity strucked me. I snatch the marker pen from him and start to scribble something on everything on my sight.

Now presenting to you my masterpiece. :)

Eric's son is gay!

Connecting People? You judge it yourself :P

Me is not artist. Don't expect nice picture or anime stuff from me. I'm going to bomb this blog with lots of post soon! watchout ya~ haha..