Monday, August 24, 2009

The new toy

Parents went to Hong Kong for a holiday 2 weeks back and they bought this thingy.

It is a sealer where we can wrap things and when we heat it, it will shrink and tight wrap the "thing we wrap". I was curious and tested it with my remote control.

Its not easy to use this thing as it looks. I spent 30mins just to seal it nicely using the green thingy but the heating part is fun. Seing the plastic shrink and wraps the remote fit is worth the time.

Now my remote is air-tight and can even go for a swim :P
P/S: Did u notice I am using 3 types of remote? Sony, Philips and Samsung. =D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Join the Pact

Was browsing Nuffnang's homepage and saw this Join the Pact and Get a Dose of 3.5G Force Experience title. I was so attracted to the word 3.5G Force Experience and read the whole post about it.

It is actually a contest that can win us a Once in a Life Time experience to sit in this JTP Supercar which can accelerates from 0-160kmh in 5 seconds.. wtf? My Myvi can only do that in 40-60seconds provided u got a stretch of straight road ahead. Not only that, winner will be driven by Mika Häkkinen the 2 times Formula One WOrld Champion! OMG!OMG!OMG! Once in a lifetime u get to sit in this JTP Supercar and Once in a lifetime again u get Mika Häkkinen to be your driver. Its like striking a Jackpot twice in a day!

How to participate and be the winner? Easy.. all you gotta do it write a blog post on How can you support Mika Häkkinen in getting as many people to join Join The Pact as possible.

2. Invites all your friends to join Mika at Sunway Pyramid on 13th Sept 2009 for the launch and JTP Supercar demo run!

3. Visit and sign up to Join the Pact!

My way of supporting Mika Häkkinen is easy. Just send invites on Facebook, post it on MSN as personal message, Plurk it and twit it on Twitter. With these top applications where people spend most of their time when they are online, even news about my aunt's daughter's ex-bf's cousin's classmate's pet fell into the drain can spread it to the entire planet within minutes...

I will definitely be going to Sunway Pyramid on the 13th September 2009 no matter what. Even if I couldn't win it. Meeting Mika Häkkinen alone is enough. meeting him alone is not enough... I want to snap a picture with him.

If I manage to take a picture with Mika Häkkinen, I promise it will be the first time ever I am posting a picture of myself on this blog! ROARSSSSSS..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yahoo mail.

I stopped checking my Yahoo mail since January 2009 and when I did it today, I found 168mails inside. Deleted 166 and only 2 is quite important. One of them is a notification from Nuffnang that I have won myself a 3D2N complimentary stay at Tune Hotels Penang. Hooray~~

Wait a minute.... it reads, the complimentary stay offer is only valid between 1st April-30th June. Bloody hell, I received the mail at 4 May 2009 and only read it on 13 August 2009. =.=

*Just emailed Nuffnang to request to change my email address. Hope they dont blacklist me for not picking up the prizes*

Monday, August 10, 2009


How should I walk my life? A question that I have been wondering everyday ever since I started my Uni life. Daddy and Mommy will not be around u forever. They will eventually leave u one day and u will need to stand on your own.

I am a weak person. All I wanted is Simplicity that everyone wishes..but daddy is trying to brush my future up. He make me walk a life that he wants me to. He didnt know what I wanted but I didnt speak it out to him either. I keep telling myself that I just want him to be happy and faking my smiles every single day.

I am tired... but who knows?