Sunday, June 29, 2008

-End of Story-

Very long didnt post pictures of sunset and sunrise already. Here's some I took with my handphone Nokia 6280. 2MP camera so don't complain. =/

Ok. Gtg sleep now. The time now is 4.45am. Need to wake up at 7.30am later.. =/

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

F&N Freestylz

Not to be confused with graffiti, Street Art very often uses art techniques that are more formal- stenciling/printmaking, silk-screening, recycling of free stickers and sometimes sculpting. Street Art is now hailed as a popular global culture. We can now find magazines and art galleries specifically devoted to this art form.

On June 07 2008 (Yea, I know its very long ago), after watching How I learned to Drive at The Actors Studio, I rushed to The Curve to attend a dinner. What dinner? F&N is generous enough to host a dinner for more than 20 bloggers along with Joe Flizzow and Danny One while launching their new limited editions cans on the same day. The selected bloggers is lucky enough to be the first few to witness the unveiling of F&N special limited edition cans featuring Danny One, Joe Flizzow and Uncle Hussain.

F&N also organized a lucky draw for the medias(bloggers are now known as Medias also k!)- A PLASMA TV! -> And the lucky winner is one of the bloggers - Andrew!

The performance was great. Street Magic, Live performance by Uncle Hussain, Joe Flizzow and Danny One couldn't be anymore perfect.

Ok la. Cut the craps. Pictures time.

We're not eating. Just testing out the 8-9course meal from Italianiese. ;)

They snaps the food, I snap them! LOL.. They so hardworking leh.. keep taking pictures of the food.

So hardworking.. :D

My favourite! Salmon Carbonara? Dunno la.. I like the salmon only. Hahaha..

I'm so near to the stage that I can grab his balls anytime shake his hand anytime. =/

Yo Yo Yo?? =.=

Danny One so friendly. He even walk down the stage and take pictures with audiences while singing.

Ok la.. There is still alot to write but I very lazy leh. U all can go hop to other blogs to get more coverage on this event. Another thing worth mentioning is both the emcee of the day is funny. :P The lady emcee dont recognize me anymore. Shes the same lady at the Digi event. Sweet voice emcee. :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

How I learned to...

Learning is a lifelong process. We start learning the moment we step on to this world. We learn how to breath, how to eat.. learning never stops. Even until the day we die.

Now that the Driving Lesson are over (Quote Charmayne :D), the play is really good. It was beyond my expectation. It was worth every cent of what I paid for. In fact, I wouldn't mind paying double if I knew how good the "driving lesson" is.

Thank You Charmayne for inviting me over for the play. I seriously love every bits of it. :) When is the next play starring u har? :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something Unusual.

Do you think you would like to build any of the stairs in the below pictures in your dream house? I might. But first, I got to have a house. Before I can get a house, I need incomes and before incomes, I need a good paying job. Before a Job is to graduate. Haiz..=/ still along way to go....

Unusual Stairs Very very the unique and pretty....some may not that practical, I suppose.

Kthxbye! =D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Project Trafford – Mister Potato Football Contest

Guys, still remember the Project Trafford thingy I posted no so long ago? :D Well, its time to reveal everything behind this project.

Actually it is a contest from Mister Potato. Contestants need to collect seals and pouch by eating Mister Potato chips and collect it to accumulate football points and redeem attractive prizes. 30 Top collectors will win a tour to Manchester United Stadium and museum worth Rm15, 000 each.

160g Canister seal = 3 points
85g pouch = 2 points
55g pouch = 1 point


In this project, our group (group A) is required to come up with GAME PLAN or strategy on how to win the 30 tickets together as a group. Woah... 30 tickets to where? To old trafford lor...

Here we go, what is our plan? Hehehe… What is the main objective of this project? Answer: to accumulate the most points to win all 30 tickets as a group. How? In our plan, we are going to "Hijack" people’s seals! Yes! Hijack is the gate to our victory! Hijacking never been this fun! XD

First, let me introduce our team member again and their role in the plan.

Kennysia- Mastermind/Leader

Jayce- The "receiver"

Sheng Li- The "ripper" aka The Flower Ninja

Pik Yen- The "calculator?"

Michelle- The "writer"
and lastly, me the transporter!!

How it started?

Once upon a time~ far far away in the city, Mister Potato organized a contest…. Hahaha.. U think am gonna start like that? :P

Lead by the mastermind Kennysia, we met up and Kenny told us about his great idea on how to win all the tickets to Manchester! After planning and setting up our strategy, we head on to work out the plan together!

Our first move is to send Jayce to act as receiver at Mister Potato Office. His job is to bribe the security guard to let him sit in the security guard house. How to bribe the guard? We will tell him that if we win the 30 tickets to Old Trafford, we'll give the security and his family 4 tickets which is worth RM60k in total.
Each time there are postman or personal senders arriving in the front gate, Jayce would go into action. Jayce would then welcome the sender at the front gate to "receive" the envelopes.

After getting the seals, Jayce will pass it on to Sheng Li aka the Flower Ninja! She will rip off the envelopes without mercy and happily collecting seals without having to beg or rip the canister seals at supermarkets.

Can feel the aura already rite? XD

Next stage? Seals will be passed on to the "counter" which will be taken care by Pik Yen. Since this is a group work, she will divides all hijacked seals and pouches equally among us while fantasizing which footballer she gonna meet at Old Trafford.

We're not done yet! Divided seals and pouches will then falls on Michelle's hand. She will put in our personal information into each envelope with the seals to participate in the Mister Potato Football Contest.
Filling in our informations to envelopes =D

The last step will be performed by me! which is posting the parcel out back to Mister Potato Office. Isn't that a perfect plan?

Well.. you must be asking don’t u afraid your parcel will be hijacked by other people too? Don’t worry, we still have Jayce at the Security Guard house to take care of everything. There won't be any loopholes in our plan! Kudos! Lets get our luggage bag and prepare to go to Old Trafford!

Come on, tell me our plan is Fantastic! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am BACK!

Hehe... after one week of holiday, I'm back! but its not enough leh. Next week will be my finals and after that, am going to travel again! I've planned all my holidays after finals. Blogging business will be back to usual soon :)

So many to update, so little time~ =D

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Been busy lately

I've been attending events like F&N Freestylz - Unleash Your Art, How I learned to Drive stage play, meeting old friends, fixing comps and searching for a place for a holiday thus neglecting thi blog. Sorry =/

Lately, I've been spending time thinking for myself and also this blog. At last, I came out with a decision. I gave myself a period of time. 3months. For what? U think youself.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Project Trafford

Remember the Top Secret Campaign organized by Nuffnang? Well, on first glance thru the title PROJECT TRAFFORD, what comes to the mind? YES! MANCHESTER UNITED! RED DEVILS! EPL CHAMPION! ECL CHAMPION! Woohooo….and the best part is I’m one of the selected 40 bloggers to participate in this project.

The title Project Trafford itself sounds so missionary already. (I know it sounds wrong :P). *plays Mission Impossible music* Many of us wasn’t sure about what is the campaign about at first. But don't worry, you will get the whole thing if you stay tune to this blog!

40 bloggers which was selected will be put into 8 groups of 5 bloggers along with one leader to work together and come up with an idea that addresses the objectives of a campaign from the client. Now, our first task is to underline the objectives of Project Trafford and the group in which I'm working in.

In Project Trafford, we need to come out with a Marketing Plan/ Strategy to promote our Client's product/contest. Our mission is to come out with a stategy to grab all 30 tickets to watch Man Utd players playing live at Old Trafford. That is awesome as I'm majoring in Marketing. Can learn and have fun at the same time! How to win the 30 tickets? Click on to to enlighten yourself! ;)

Before I can start everything, I need a team! Who is in my team? No.. am not recruiting any members here. Sorry =/ My team which will be brainstorming with me thru out this Project is…

b) Sheng Li

c) Pik Yen

d) Michelle

I mentioned something about each group will have a leader just now rite? Yes, we need a leader and our leader is not one of the members I mentioned just now. Who is he? Behold my friends!!!!! My leader is no ordinary. He possesses a big pairs of coconut as he claims =/

Who is he???Hehehe... Kennysia lor... :P

I know I know..we're all very cool looking! Don't jealous XD