Saturday, September 19, 2009

In the month of September.

September is not my month. What happened? Bad things is lining up to attack me non-stop. First, I got high fever and admitted into hospital for 5 days. No.. not H1N1 but dengue. Blood Platelets dropped below 100. I dunno what is the dangerous level of low blood platelet but with the 39.2 °C fever, it felt like I am being cooked alive.

Then 2 days after I got discharged from hospital, I hit a road divider and bursted a car tyre. It was my fault for falling asleep while driving. I blame the low blood platelets and medicines I took. =/

When it seems like it is going to stop after 2 bad incident, 3 days later, I slipped and got a cut on my thigh. At first I thought it is just a normal "slipping" but few seconds later, my leg was covered with bloods..lotsa lotsa blood. In the end, I was granted 4 stitches.

My luck is so bad that you will ask me to go pray or something.. Sorry lor, I slipped and got the 4 stiches when I am going to pray. I even have to cancel my trip to Hong Kong which was scheduled on 22nd-27th due to my health condition right now. I am still in recovering condition from the dengue illness and the cost of the air ticket. RM 1234 for Airasia while Mas is RM1400+. Just too expensive and out of my budget. I should use my holidays to take a good rest and start finishing my assignments before I run out of time again.

P/S: Considered that this month hasn't end yet, I should cross my fingers and hope for the best. =(

P/S again: To those *insert race* playing fireworks outside my house at 12.30am, Selamat Hari Raya... yea rite, I mean it!