Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank You

In this four months of semester break.... thank you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who is thinking?

I think I'm alrite now.

I think I can let it go.

I think I will still like you.

I think I dont mind you not giving a damm about it anymore.

I think life is too short to waste.

I think I.......

Monday, February 25, 2008

How you wanna see it?

I went thru the most terrible moment alone.No! I'm not talking about the I'm Sick post. Plus I've removed the post because I dont want my parents to know. Not that they read my blog but I just wanna play it safe.

What terrible moment u ask. Well, I'm not going to tell too. I'll stick it to myself. I think I'm good enough to handle it alone. I'll never show my emo-ness or rather whats in my mind to my friends and neither they wanna see it too(I guess). Besides, Cancerians prefer to be alone when they are down or something. One might say thats what friends are for but I would rather keep it to myself than to share my problems with them.

Seeking advice from people is what I'll never do. Say me stubborn or foolish but I'm still sticking to my ways of handling stuff. At first, I thought that I still have few close friends which at least will understand me without me telling them my problem but they proved my wrong. How good u treat them doesnt mean a thing anymore. Damm it..they can enjoy go themselves and stop taking me for granted. Don't call me just because u need me. Can you remember my number when u're enjoying urself? Please! I'm sick of it already.

While typing this, I went thru achieves of one of my friends. And I saw one picture that brought me back to square one. The nights that we shared together... does it mean a thing to you? or just me being paranoid? Lies? or something we must go thru in our life? One little wrong move and its gone. I'm just gonna blame myself for not saying NO to you.

I lied to my friends and worst, I'm lying to myself too. I'm done putting on a fake smile on myself. Now, its time to remove it...wait, which one is the real one? Guess I'm used to the fake one.... get over it N!ck =/

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sun is always shining, sometimes it's just hiding behind clouds and rainy skies.

More clouds..hehehe

Love is like the sun coming out of the clouds and warming your soul

Love is knowing that above the dark clouds the sun always shines

My HP wallpaper

You are the sunshine of my life; you take the clouds away and make me a rainbow every day. You're in my heart where you'll forever stay....

Company's Dinner

Company's Dinner was held 3-4 days before CNY. This year's dinner abit special. How special? hahaha.. continue reading then you'll know...

"Lou Sang" is a must for every Chinese Company dinner. So the 1st dish is Lou Sang..

Double lou sang

Come.. lets lou lou lou lou...

Eww.. no appetite to eat already :(

Here comes the more appetizing food =D

And lucky draws never fail to entertain the workers..

Whats with the money on the tray? Yeap..thats the special part. When u get ur prize from the lucky draw, Mr.Boss will pay an amount of money to BUY your prize. Even the boss doesnt know whats in the box. I guess its some greed test by Mr.Boss on his workers.. So clever. No wonder he is the boss. :P

Quick.. RM130 already.. take the cash only lar..

Woah.. RM210 still tak puas...

Some workers didnt take the cash.. *He was offered Rm250 for the prize on his hand*

Some took the cash happily.. and Mr.Boss take "your" prize home.

What did I get? Hahaha.. am not going to tell you!! hehehe...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I dont care because I share

Sure its fun or entertaining to read the Edison Sex Scandal case but never been this farnee...

Enjoy you people.. Its safe to view it at work and share with your boss! I'm sure ur boss will want to read it too. =D

*Sharing this for entertaining purpose! Not to gain extra traffic k! Sharing is Caring and I care :D*

Awan Lagi

Wanted to post my collection of clouds but due to my forgetfulness... =P
Meanwhile, enjoy this 2 pics i found from some random blog.

I love blogging! :D

Friday, February 15, 2008

Season of collecting!

Sorry for the lack of updates. You know-lar, Chinese New Year, the Ang Pow collecting season. Once a year only-woh!.. alot of event to attend and the stupid line is down for few days.

Just formatted my pen-drive but still infected by some shitty virus.. gah! .But I'm not going to be bothered by it. Pictures soon.. I mean lotssss of pictures..hehe.

Dont stop visiting this blog ya. I promise you all to update as soon as possible. =) cheers! Gong Xi Fatt Chai..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year Eve!

Well, Gong Xi Gong Xi... May WhyN!ck readers enjoy their Chinese New Year and Valentine too..

Basically, my CNY mood is not around me this year. I dont feel like celebrating it. Everything planned 2-3months back is screwed.. Well, like what my high school friends always say; We're from Cahaya-mah!(Seri Cahaya is a private school name).

And to add salt to wound, I'm having fever! What a way to start the New Year.... :(


*Warning* Super long and boring post ahead. Read only if u have nothing better to do *

I have this very serious alone-down-syndrome where I'll be afraid when I'm alone! You'll see me laughing and joking about everything on earth but when I'm alone, its totally opposite from what u saw. I think this alone-down-syndrome started ever since my grandma(dad's mom) passes away. I can still remember the date. 06 June 07 Wednesday!

I remember every single thing happened on that day! I brought my grandma (mom's mom) to the Hospital Sungai Buloh where dad's mom is staying since 2 days ago. I never bothered to visit her even shes in the same hospital. While waiting for doctor to check my grandma(mom's mom) with my uncle, I received a call from my mom. She said the nurse called her and ask us to go visit her at ward 4C. So my mom ask me to go since I'm there.

So, I walk there and the moment I stepped into the room, I saw my maid with tears. My maid was there the whole night to serve my grandma. I couldn't see my grandma as the nurse pulled the blinds and some male nurse pushed in a machine. Theres like 5-6 nurse and a doctor there.

Then, the doctor came out and speak to me,

Doc: Mana Ibu Bapa? (*wheres your parents?)
Me: Tak Datang! (*Not here)
Doc: Ok, Panggil Keluarga patient datang ya! Doc nak bagi tau sesuatu. (*Ok, call the patient's family here. I need to talk to them)
*Then the doctor continue to check on my grandma*

I sensed something after talking to the doctor. I called my mom and ask them to come quickly as the doctor will only talk to them. Then, from the window, I can see the sky is raining outside.

*5 mins later* the doctor came out and said: Adik, Kita dah tried our best.

I did not cry at that time. I stood there and called my dad. I told him shes gone. I thought I wont cry but once I sit down, I couldnt control myself anymore. Shes gone! My grandma who always bug me when I'm watching tv is gone.

Not long after that, my aunt from Singapore called and ask how is grandma. I said: zhao zhor!
She did not say anything but I heard her crying. The 20mins when I'm there waiting for my parents to come over is the worst 20mins I ever had.

No comfort! Nobody to lean to! No one offered me tissue! I was there alone sitting down infront of my grandma. I dare not touch her!

Not long after, my 2nd bro arrived. He sit beside her and hold her hand. He keep calling: Ah Poh! Poh!... Then I said: Zhao Zhor! Again, I couldn't hold on my tears and cry again.

Then, mom n dad arrived with my small brother. My dad wipe my grandma's face with his hand and walked out. I dont know where he went but when he come back, I saw him with red eyes. I know he cried. Who wouldn't?

A while later, my eldest bro arrive with his GF and my another aunt from Shah Alam. The moment my aunt saw her mom lying on bed not breathing.. She keep shouting: Ah mah! Ah mah! So loud that we couldnt hear the rain outside. I stood beside the window looking at the sky. The dark sky which I will never forget. I did not see my younger brother around. Probably hiding somewhere crying. My cousin brother came too. He s somewhere around meeting his client so he cancelled the appoinment and come to see my grandma.

1hour later, when the hospital staff is cleaning my grandma, my uncle from Emergency room called. He ask me to bring my mom to the E&R. On the way to E&R, I afraid something bad is happening. My mom's mom had difficulty in breathing a moment ago. Phlegm block the breathing passage of her but they manage to clear it. So, a great relief to me then I rushed back to my grandma's room.

I still dare not to touch her. I dunno why. I regret scolding her a few days ago when she ate salted fish as her breakfast, lunch n dinner. I said: Sik doh dit lar! Mm Xu Fuk zhong yiu sik yi ti gam geh yeh!! Then she reply me: Hai lar.. Mm sik lar.. Yi hao dou mm sik lar! Well, she really didnt get to eat it anymore....

The mourning lasted for 6 days because my aunt's husband who is working in England lost his passport and couldnt fly back. So, he registered a emergency passport at Msia embassy and reach back on the 4th day of mourning. Well, everyone is there except for one. My eldest aunt-Dai Gu Mah. She argue with my aunts and dad on the only land my grandfather had before he passed away peacefully 15yrs ago. I know he left peacefully even thou I'm 5 yrs old at that time. He asked my grandma to cook for him and when my grandma finish feeding him, he took a nap. The last nap he had...peacefully on his lazy chair.

Back to my eldest aunt, we didnt hear from her anymore ever since she demanded an amount of money for her every month for the land. My 2 other aunt give it land to my dad without asking for anything but my eldest aunt say my 2other aunt n dad trying to cheat her share. So, my dad bought her share from her. After paying her the money, we did not hear from her anymore.

So, we want her to pay her last respect to grandma but we couldn't contact her because she shift her house like staying at hotels. After having a family meeting, the last choice we have is to inform her thru newspaper. We bought one whole page of Nan Yang Siang Pao at the obituary section hoping that she will notice it. We waited for 6 days but she did not appear. Probably until now, she dont know that her own mom passed away for 8months already. We dont care either because money is more important to her.

Now, I still think about it every time when I'm alone.. the whole process is still clear in my mind. I couldn't accept the fact that the doctor said she tried her best..... especially when I'm only 18 at that time... too much for me....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gong Xi Gong Xi

Its Chinese New Year next week! So fast!! And I still havent buy my CNY clothes yet! So far, I only bought one Sean John shirt. This year CNY pretty dull man... No where to go and no plans at the moment. Probably watching CJ7 on 1st day of New Year. And the best part is, KL IS JAM-FREE! Woot!! You can reach KL from Shah Alam in less than 25mins. Normally it takes at least 45mins.

After Chinese New Year is Valentine's Day(Feb 14 if you guys forgot the circle the date on your calendar) Sorry for reminding you guys with girlfriends.. haha... the sad part is, FEB 14 is the official Poor Pathetic day for single & lonely N!ck =(

Anyone wanna join his SINGLE VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY? :P

Sorry, no pictures for this entry. Too lazy to upload. Haha...