Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Writing again.

I felt like writing again. Not a good feeling at 4am in the morning but the rush is there although I couldn't think of anything to write.

This year did not start off well. Early "departure" of a friend to afterlife really hit me hard. Took me nearly a month to let it go. Well, gone were the days where we hang out together in a group at night tcss at our favorite mamak stall, hitting golf ball for the first time with him, doing last minute revision hours before exam at Old Town during World Cup season but end up watching every minutes of the game, pulling his legs about warnings given by his doctor that he shouldn't be drinking and... much more that we could have done but never.

His departure gave an insight of things that I actually did not realize all these while. Life is still short no matter how long we lived. Stop asking yourself what if. We take for granted that we'll have another chance. Until you missed the first one and never see the second coming.


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