Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meaning of Customers' opinion

Yo yo, been a long time since I posted something here. ;) Lets not beat around the bush about my life. I am still alive and thats it. XD

Today, I stumbled acroos a blog and what caught my attention was a food review. Particularly a new dessert shop that invited few "famous" blogger to write review on their desserts as part of advertising campaign or publicity gain whatever you call it. Actually, there is nothing wrong gaining publicity using this new media but I do not want to read what is good good good and good about something only as if there is nothing to critic on.

If you don't know what am I talking about yet, I was refering to a blogger who did a review on Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) at Giza Mall. I will comment on this dessert shop instead of the blogger to avoid any flame war.

Yes, this shop was supposedly famous in Hong Kong and somebody decided to bring this heat into Malaysia. On the day I get to know the existance of this shop from Facebook group, me and 3 friends decided to give it a try of "sek Tong Sui"(Eat dessert) instead of our regular Yum Cha. It was our mistake for not writing down the address of the shop from Facebook and went straight to Giza Mall thinking how hard can it be to locate a shop in a mall? We used 30minutes walking up and down and around looking for this shop but failed. WTH? No signage and information counter in that mall that can give us the slightest information to lead us there. Total Failure. We end up singing K at this Teo Heng KTV studio. Worth every cents there. Only RM22 per hour.

We were dissapointed but got reimbursed by the sing-k session and went home. First thing I did when I reach home is saving the address of this dessert shop and plan to visit the shop the very next day. Hah! Never die off without trying!

Day 2!
Managed to find the shop and before we got down from the car, we were complaining already because the shop's front signage is BLACK COLOR! It is new but who the heck will pay attention to something which is black at night with minimum lightings. Alright, I should not complain with the signage since I am not the boss. The interior of this shop makes me think twice before stepping in. Is this a dessert shop or dining shop? Before I get my menu, I already know this dessert shop will make a big hole in my wallet.

A cute waitress came over and took our order. We ordered Trinity Mango Delight 招牌杨枝甘露 (RM11), Lucky Purple Rice 金粟紫米露 (RM 8), Black Sesame with Tong Yuen, Mango Loh and Durian Roll. While waiting for the desserts to be served, we of course will chat but non of us dare to speak out loud because of the "high class" surrounding. The main reason to yum chaeat tong sui is to meet up with friends and blow blow water mah.. but we felt so uncomfortable to speak. =/

Now for the food part.

First, I did not expect much from my Black Sesame Tong Yuen as it is an ordinary dessert but Tong Yuen was small like guli (glass marble) and black sesame was too sweet for my sweet tooth. I know most display on menu is for illustration purposes but dont lar show a golf ball and give us guli! I will feel cheated you know.

Then my friend complained the mangoes in the Trinity Mango Delight is too sour and probably they cut the mango from bottom to top causing the mango to "sting" just like when we eat pineapple.

Mango Lo basically taste no different from the Trinity Mango Delight. Same sour and stinging.

Lucky Purple rice, the picture shown is not what was served. It was just a splat of dunno what white thingy but I used a spoon to make it nicer like a Sun. I was told that it tasted like red bean with sago? No extra comment because I didnt taste it.

Last is the Durian Roll. They actually serve this first and 2 of my friend ate it before trying their dessert. The durian taste totally diminished the sweetness of the dessert. But the skin is too thick and whats with the cream inside? More cream than durians. Having this durian roll is actually quite a new experience for me. The only special way of eating durian other than from the seed is Fried Durian at Duck King Jaya One.

As felt earlier, indeed the bill made a big hole in my pocket. About Rm50+? I dont mind paying extra for the durian roll but Black Sesame Tong Yuen RM9? I know you have to pay for the rent and cover other costs but I dont want to pay extra for the high class environment that I dont need. I will go back to KTZ for my Mango Loh and Honeydew Loh anytime although it is farther.

Of course, I would like to praise the manager and waitress there for the warm service. The manager took the initiative to ask for our opinions of the desserts and tried to pursuade us to order their other special dessert although we look so young, unimportant and cannot afford other desserts from our appearance. ;) I told them what I felt about the serving the durian last and mango too sour but my friends just like a typical Malaysian didnt speak out. But credits to the workers there for greeting us welcome and please come again which I personally take service the first criteria for F&B to excel. But we were charged a 10% service fee so I think we deserved the greets. :P

I will definitely invite my "special guest" from HK to try the durian roll as she is a great fan of durians. =)

Critics for a new/old shop will only provide them chance for improvement and not by simply telling how nice and how good it is. Although every customers have their very own opinion on something, it is worth more than what we actually paid for the foods.


wen pink said...

Duck King got fried durian?!?! WOW!! Next time i visit must .. er... can i try? =/ sigh! DIET!!

N!cky said...

I dunno whether the fried Durian is on their menu or not bcoz it was a complementary dish from the Manager. My dad brought somebody from the entertainment industry there and the boss so happen to be there so he gave us a white wine and fried durian for free.