Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Counting down to Chinese New Year 2010!

In 4 days time, we will be leaping into the year of Roarsssss Tiger. I did some preparation on welcoming this day by cleaning my messy room which my mom have been nagging on since last year's CNY. >.<

I dunno how come each time after my maid clean my room, it will become messy again after a week at most. Not to miss out is some of my things will go missing. No! I am not saying my maid took them because what goes missing is some paper works and minor stuff. I never bother to ask her to find it back for me else she wont help me clean my room anymore. =/ Well, things will eventually walk out itself when I dont need them right? :P

So, here is a sneak peek of my room with the mess. Lots of spoiled CPU and messy table.
After 3 freaking hours of cleaning, wipping, mopping, vacuuming and washing...

Lets see how long can this tidy scene can last. :P

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