Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hong Kong 2009

Ok, the long delayed post on my Hong Kong trip which happened on 20th December 2009. For the first time, I travelled alone to another country. =/ I still remember clearly how late I was on the day itself to catch my flight. The flight was scheduled to take off at 4.30pm and for AirAsia, we need to check in 2 hours before the flight but I am still at home packing my stuff at 2pm.

I reach LCCT around 3.20pm and I checked in using the computer device there because I havent buy my return tickets. If I use the counter instead, they need us to show them our return tickets before they let us check in.

Ok. The plane was on time for boarding and for I feel quite comfortable with AirAsia's seats. Not too say very comfy but still boleh lar. Not as bad as what I heard from my cousins and relatives. I was fortunate to get the window seat along with a guy and lady. About 1hour after the plane took off, the guy who took the middle seat went to the washroom (I assume) and didnt return until the plane was about to land. O.o I don't know where he went but he does gave me a moment of panic. Must have watched too much plane hijacking movies. >.<

I spend most of my time on plane looking at the cute stewardess listening musics on iPhone and napping. Fast forward 3 hours................

The plane landed and I was asked to fill in the health declaration form as precaution of H1N1. I being a smart alec ticked the cough and sorethroat box. I blame it on the medicines I took before boarding the plane. =( So when the officer collects my form, red alarm triggered. KNS! He ask me to step aside to another section and quickly inform his colleague to pick me up. I was ordered to wear their facemask too. =.=

Then another officer came and lead me to somewhere very farrrrrrrrr and scary. That place is chilly and all faces(not alot actually..only about 4-5 officers there) look the same because everyone is wearing facemask. =/ They took my temperature and ask me some questions then gave me a stack of brochures on symptoms of H1N1. They even gave me addresses on Hospitals that aid H1N1. *double =/*

And those hoohaaaa took away my shopping time in the airport. I ends up buying nothing because dad's friends is outside waiting for me and I paiseh if they need to wait for me. After I meet up with dad's friends, we went to have our dinner at some unknown but crowded restaurant. No pictures of the foods because I am too hungry. =P

After dinner, I followed one of my dad's friend home which I will be staying during this trip. Nothing much happened later except for the crying sound of dad's friend's baby every hour.

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